Monthly Archives: March 2011

About my hands

An anonymous reader of my previous blog asked me about my own hands some time ago. It’s funny how little time I use on my own hands, considering how obsessed I am about those particular body parts on other people. But like most people I’m not very conscious of my hands, and that is exactly why hands are so interesting to me. I can never look at my own hands like I can look at others’, because whenever I am looking at them, they become very aware that someone is looking.

I did a drawing of my left hand today, as I thought there should be some image of my hands here at the Land of Hands.

Me drawing my own hand


Handspotting: Hermès in Copenhagen

This weekend I was in Copenhagen and walked by the Hèrmes store and spotted the “hand theme” they have going on in their window display. So I snapped a few photos (click for larger).

Hermès Copenhagen

Handbags at Hermès Copenhagen

Accessories at Hermès Copenhagen