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Hand Moody

David Duchovny as Hank Moody in "Californication".

Being a huge fan of “Californication”, I simply have to mention Hank Moody’s hands. Since the first the I watched the show I have been fascinated by the way David Duchovny uses his hands to create the character of Hank Moody. He does this very simply with a tattoo on his left ring finger, a large silver ring on his right index finger and a few leather bracelets – and there you go, along with a cigarette and a one-eyed Porche, you have Hank Moody. In “The X-Files” I never much noticed Duchovny’s hands, but in “Californication” they are simply unmissable. As Hank Moody tends to spend a lot of his time wearing no clothes on the show, this is a clever move to make him very recognizable and iconic in all scenes. The accessories on his hands make them very California-ish, and they could easily be the hands of a surfer dude, but since we know he is not that but a writer, we get the feeling that he is a well-traveled man of the world, instead. His hands are simply cool.

David Duchovny as Hank Moody in "Californication".


Hand Fan Photo: MGMT

This is a very new feature at The Land of Hands that I want to develop as much as I can, as I meet more people whose hands I like. The idea is that people always take their photo next to their idols or people they look up to, should they be so lucky as to meet them – I want to do the same thing with hands. I call it hand fan photos.

Ben Goldwasser, Will Berman, me and Andrew VanWyngarden

In December I met three of the members of the band MGMT, when they did a show in Copenhagen. They were very kind to me and liked the drawing I had made for them, also they agreed to do a hand fan photo with me, even though it was a very cold day and not very pleasant to take off your mittens. Andrew VanWyngarden, the lead singer of MGMT, is on My Top 10 Favorite Hands of Guitarists – list, that can be found in the Top 10 section above, should it have an interest.

Hand Fan Photo with MGMT: Ben Goldwasser, Me (with the green ring), Will Berman and Andrew VanWyngarden


Andrew VanWyngarden holding the drawing I had made for them.

Grant Snider: Drawing Hands

Grant Snider has made this wonderful illustration about the frustrations of drawing hands. Something I can really relate to, as I for years tried to avoid drawing hands, before I  couldn’t spot drawing them, once I got started. I used to draw people with their hands behind their backs, but now I often concentrate on only drawing their hands. Hands are truly tricky to draw and equally satisfying to succeed in getting on paper.