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Fashion Sketches

Fashion Sketches

I am under the impression that the folks over at Free People’s blog have a fascination with hands like me. I have found another hand image from their blog, that I would like to share here. It is a collage of hands from fashion sketches that I think are very elegant, very French. The hands in fashion sketches tend to be more feminine and thin than the average female hand (if such a thing exists), I guess because they should complement the beautiful clothes as well as possible.

These sketches don’t really remind me of any real hands, they look a bit cartoony, they remind me of the style of “grown-up” comic books and also a bit of some Japanese manga. The hands are extremely thin and the fingers very long, hands that I bet any designer would dream of picking up their designs, because they make everything look so elegant.


Hipster Hands

Hipster hands

When browsing around looking for some new autumn fashion I came by Free People’s blog and completely fell in love with this photo of what I would call hipster hands. I adore how much thought and love this girl has put into decorating her hands. The colors and details are very playful and match each other wonderfully. I especially like the small ring on her left ring finger, which looks like a snake, it suits her finger very well. She has hands that easily can carry a lot of color and things going on, as her fingers are feminine jet have a strength to them and her skin tone is lovely for color as well. Her pinkies are beautifully straight and the way she spreads them out so much from the other fingers give me the impression that she has a lot of confidence in herself.

A beautiful picture.