This site is about hands. It is a study of hands as extensions of our personalities.

Hands are the most important tools of our body to get things done. Practical things like cooking, writing or playing an instrument. But hands are also used as means of communication, deaf people use their hands to form sign language, but the rest of us, more or less deliberately, also use our hands a great deal when explaining things to each other or when giving a speech. Even putting your hands in your pockets is communicating something.

But what I personally find the most interesting, and what this blog is eventually about, is what we do with our hands, when we are not trying to communicate with them. When we are just trying to get things done. How you hold your fork, how you turn a page in a book, how you scratch your head. I tend to read a lot of things into the little, or sometimes big, differences between how we do these things. You could call it the choreography of our hands. And it is fascinating why our hands use such different choreographies. There are millions of ways to hold a cup, just as there a millions of people.

The interesting thing is that people rarely notice how their hands move, they just naturally and instinctively move them. What I do in this blog, is notice this and analyze it. Also, I analyze the simple physicality of hands, how they look, and try to define what I think are beautiful- or sympathetic hands, or funny-, ugly-, scary-, greedy hands.

So welcome to The Land of Hands, where we judge people by their hands.


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