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Fashion Sketches

Fashion Sketches

I am under the impression that the folks over at Free People’s blog have a fascination with hands like me. I have found another hand image from their blog, that I would like to share here. It is a collage of hands from fashion sketches that I think are very elegant, very French. The hands in fashion sketches tend to be more feminine and thin than the average female hand (if such a thing exists), I guess because they should complement the beautiful clothes as well as possible.

These sketches don’t really remind me of any real hands, they look a bit cartoony, they remind me of the style of “grown-up” comic books and also a bit of some Japanese manga. The hands are extremely thin and the fingers very long, hands that I bet any designer would dream of picking up their designs, because they make everything look so elegant.


Grant Snider: Drawing Hands

Grant Snider has made this wonderful illustration about the frustrations of drawing hands. Something I can really relate to, as I for years tried to avoid drawing hands, before I  couldn’t spot drawing them, once I got started. I used to draw people with their hands behind their backs, but now I often concentrate on only drawing their hands. Hands are truly tricky to draw and equally satisfying to succeed in getting on paper.