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Paper Scissors Rock

Paper Scissors Rock and Shoot

One of the most simple games in the world, one that you can always play because everything required is always right there with you: your hands. Edward Scissorhands always looses, but for the rest of us it is a great way to decide who has to do the dirty dishes. Paper, Scissors, Rocks is a game that has originated due to the anatomy of our hands what shapes and signs they can form. Another reason why I love hands; they carry games and fun as well as being our most important tools for doing things. Without getting too philosophical, I can’t help wonder how different humans’ lives had been, had we had four legs and no hands.


Fashion Sketches

Fashion Sketches

I am under the impression that the folks over at Free People’s blog have a fascination with hands like me. I have found another hand image from their blog, that I would like to share here. It is a collage of hands from fashion sketches that I think are very elegant, very French. The hands in fashion sketches tend to be more feminine and thin than the average female hand (if such a thing exists), I guess because they should complement the beautiful clothes as well as possible.

These sketches don’t really remind me of any real hands, they look a bit cartoony, they remind me of the style of “grown-up” comic books and also a bit of some Japanese manga. The hands are extremely thin and the fingers very long, hands that I bet any designer would dream of picking up their designs, because they make everything look so elegant.

Hipster Hands

Hipster hands

When browsing around looking for some new autumn fashion I came by Free People’s blog and completely fell in love with this photo of what I would call hipster hands. I adore how much thought and love this girl has put into decorating her hands. The colors and details are very playful and match each other wonderfully. I especially like the small ring on her left ring finger, which looks like a snake, it suits her finger very well. She has hands that easily can carry a lot of color and things going on, as her fingers are feminine jet have a strength to them and her skin tone is lovely for color as well. Her pinkies are beautifully straight and the way she spreads them out so much from the other fingers give me the impression that she has a lot of confidence in herself.

A beautiful picture.

Handy iPhone Case

Hold hands with your iPhone with Softbank's case.

Softbank has made a series of funny, yet creepy, iPhone covers with real-looking hands. The (fake) hands are not just printed on the back of the cover, but are actually molded hands that you can hold while talking. The look it gives is very absurd, I think, and could be something out of a hidden camera show – people are surely going to stare, if you walk down the street with this. Although I think the whole beauty of the iPhone is lost if you invest in this crazy object, I applaud the entertainment value that is in the idea of walking around with something that looks like a dead hand to your ear.

Hand iPhone Case

From the novel “Atonement” by Ian McEwan

This is a beautiful quote from “Atonement” about how magical and enchanting hands can be. I highly recommend the entire book, but this passage is one of the things I particularly enjoyed about reading it.

“She raised one hand and flexed its fingers and wondered, as she had sometimes before, how this thing, this machine for gripping, this fleshy spider on the end of her arm, came to be hers, entirely at her command. Or did it have some little life of its own? She bent her finger and straightened it. The mystery was in the instant before it moved, the dividing moment between not moving and moving, when her intention took effect. It was like a wave breaking. If she could only find herself at the crest, she thought, she might find the secret of herself, that part of her that was really in charge. She brought her forefinger closer to her face and stared at it, urging it to move. It remained still because she was pretending, she was not entirely serious, and because willing to move it, or being about to move it, was not the same as actually moving it. And when she did crook it finally, the action seemed to start in the finger itself, not in some part of her mind. When did it know to move, when did she know to move it? There was no catching herself out. It was either-or. There was no stitching, no seam, and yet she knew that behind the smooth continuous fabric was the real self – was it her soul? – which took the decision to cease pretending, and gave the final command.”

Atonement by Ian McEwan

Grant Snider: Drawing Hands

Grant Snider has made this wonderful illustration about the frustrations of drawing hands. Something I can really relate to, as I for years tried to avoid drawing hands, before I  couldn’t spot drawing them, once I got started. I used to draw people with their hands behind their backs, but now I often concentrate on only drawing their hands. Hands are truly tricky to draw and equally satisfying to succeed in getting on paper.


Jack White’s hand made guitar

I mentioned Jack White before, he is also on my Top 10 Favorite Hands of Guitarists list, that can be found in the Top 10’s section.

This is a beautiful video of him building his own guitar that really shows his hands. I like how he is in this farm environment in the video wearing a suit and building a guitar from some wood and a Coca Cola bottle. In a way, he is a farmer of sound, getting his hands dirty and serving his music raw for his audience. I cannot imagine him doing any real hard work on a farm, but somehow it feels that he fits in that environment, anyway, with the touch of country he puts into his rock music.

His hands are veiny and they look strong, but gentle. And, like the rest of his skin, they are white perfectly contrasting his dark hair and clothes.