Grant Snider: Drawing Hands

Grant Snider has made this wonderful illustration about the frustrations of drawing hands. Something I can really relate to, as I for years tried to avoid drawing hands, before I  couldn’t spot drawing them, once I got started. I used to draw people with their hands behind their backs, but now I often concentrate on only drawing their hands. Hands are truly tricky to draw and equally satisfying to succeed in getting on paper.



Jack White’s hand made guitar

I mentioned Jack White before, he is also on my Top 10 Favorite Hands of Guitarists list, that can be found in the Top 10’s section.

This is a beautiful video of him building his own guitar that really shows his hands. I like how he is in this farm environment in the video wearing a suit and building a guitar from some wood and a Coca Cola bottle. In a way, he is a farmer of sound, getting his hands dirty and serving his music raw for his audience. I cannot imagine him doing any real hard work on a farm, but somehow it feels that he fits in that environment, anyway, with the touch of country he puts into his rock music.

His hands are veiny and they look strong, but gentle. And, like the rest of his skin, they are white perfectly contrasting his dark hair and clothes.

Hand transplants now possible

Hand transplant patient after surgery

It is now possible to do hand transplants. As covered by the LA Times Emily Fennell, who had lost her right hand five years ago, has now got a new right hand from a donor.
I find this incredible and also a bit scary. As my boyfriend said when we saw this “What will be the next thing? Head-transplants?” But I do recognize the miracle it is, that people who looses a hand now has the possibility of getting a normal life again. Missing a hand must be a horrible handicap, especially if you are used to having two. What I find the most fascinating about this is weather the doctors can make a new hand feel like a part of the patient’s body, if it will ever feel natural to them.

Follow the link to get the whole story of Emily’s transplant.

About my hands

An anonymous reader of my previous blog asked me about my own hands some time ago. It’s funny how little time I use on my own hands, considering how obsessed I am about those particular body parts on other people. But like most people I’m not very conscious of my hands, and that is exactly why hands are so interesting to me. I can never look at my own hands like I can look at others’, because whenever I am looking at them, they become very aware that someone is looking.

I did a drawing of my left hand today, as I thought there should be some image of my hands here at the Land of Hands.

Me drawing my own hand

Handspotting: Hermès in Copenhagen

This weekend I was in Copenhagen and walked by the Hèrmes store and spotted the “hand theme” they have going on in their window display. So I snapped a few photos (click for larger).

Hermès Copenhagen

Handbags at Hermès Copenhagen

Accessories at Hermès Copenhagen

The new site is being handmade.

I am working on this new site for you. I am sorry for the delay, but meanwhile, check out the things already on the page, look back into the archive of Hands in Music or the Top 10.

I’ll be back soon with more hands!

The Hand Blog is now The Land of Hands!

The Hand Blog has moved from to and is now The Land of Hands!