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Paper Scissors Rock

Paper Scissors Rock and Shoot

One of the most simple games in the world, one that you can always play because everything required is always right there with you: your hands. Edward Scissorhands always looses, but for the rest of us it is a great way to decide who has to do the dirty dishes. Paper, Scissors, Rocks is a game that has originated due to the anatomy of our hands what shapes and signs they can form. Another reason why I love hands; they carry games and fun as well as being our most important tools for doing things. Without getting too philosophical, I can’t help wonder how different humans’ lives had been, had we had four legs and no hands.


Hand Moody

David Duchovny as Hank Moody in "Californication".

Being a huge fan of “Californication”, I simply have to mention Hank Moody’s hands. Since the first the I watched the show I have been fascinated by the way David Duchovny uses his hands to create the character of Hank Moody. He does this very simply with a tattoo on his left ring finger, a large silver ring on his right index finger and a few leather bracelets – and there you go, along with a cigarette and a one-eyed Porche, you have Hank Moody. In “The X-Files” I never much noticed Duchovny’s hands, but in “Californication” they are simply unmissable. As Hank Moody tends to spend a lot of his time wearing no clothes on the show, this is a clever move to make him very recognizable and iconic in all scenes. The accessories on his hands make them very California-ish, and they could easily be the hands of a surfer dude, but since we know he is not that but a writer, we get the feeling that he is a well-traveled man of the world, instead. His hands are simply cool.

David Duchovny as Hank Moody in "Californication".