My Top 10 Favorite Hands of Guitarists

This is a list of the 10 guitarists I think have the most beautiful or interesting hands. It is not about the music or whether they are the best guitar players in the world. Just about their hands.

– But, obviously, it is only natural that more than a few of the people who will make this list will be some of my favourite musicians, as I have studied their hands so much. Just note that they are rated according to their hands, not their music. Also, when I really admire a person, or a musician, it colours the way I think of their hands.

  1. Kurt Cobain
  2. Andrew VanWyngarden
  3. Keith Richards
  4. Tony Dekker
  5. Jared Followill
  6. Syd Barret
  7. Robin Pecknold
  8. Johnny Cash
  9. Devendra Banhart
  10. Jack White

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