No. 9 – Devendra Banhart

No. 9 – Devendra Banhart, Devendra Banhart

I like Devendra’s hands for their gentle ways. They are very elegant, almost feminine. Just like his arms are thin and delicate. It all contrasts his beard and tattoos nicely. I like Devendra for being another kind of metrosexual. I like how he mixes make-up and facial hair and how he’s fashionable and experimental, but so masculin at the same time. I know that this is 2010 and the days are more or less over when a real man can’t be into his looks without it hurting his manliness, but I have to admit that it is not always to my taste. Devendra, to me, balances this beautifully, and by looking at his hands I get that he has feminity within him, making him very complex and interesting, I think.


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