No. 1 – Kurt Cobain

No. 1 – Kurt CobainNirvana

There can be no other winner than Kurt Cobain, because he would also make my number 1 if I made a list of My Favorite Hands Ever (which I’m likely to do one day). Where Andrew takes the prize among the living, Kurt is my favorite among all, living and deceased. I could recognize his hands among a million hands. He has a very special spot in my hand obsessed heart, because Nirvana was the first band I got really excited about and Kurt’s hands are the first hands I can remember being truly fascinated by – appart from my mother’s, father’s and sister’s hands, of course.

He had such big hands compared to his skinny arms and they were especially wide at his knuckles. Also the tips of his fingers were not much thinner than the rest of his fingers, which I like. I think he had very insect-like fingers, they were like perfectly build legs of some huge spider. When people have finger tips like that I always feel like they know what they are doing and are very talented with it. As if the very tips are so connected to their minds. Like they are strong.

Futhermore, Kurt would often be very ungroomed and wear nail polish as a joke and his hands being so relatively big compared to the rest of his body just seemed like such a big part of his look. To someone like me, anyway. A bonus info is that when Kurt was found dead in his house at the age of just 27, his widowed wife Courtney Love put a plaster cast around his hands to always save a cast of his hands, since she loved them so much.

I tell myself that I can see that Kurt was not a born rock star in his hands. They were more the hands of a kind man, a good father. I see so many protector tendencies in his hands, so much masculine kindness and fatherhood. Someone who would play with cats in the garden with his daughter rather than do heroine in a tour bus.


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