No. 2 – Andrew VanWyngarden

No. 2 – Andrew VanWyngardenMGMT

This is perhaps the point where it gets really obvious that I can’t help but let other things affect how I think about people’s hands. I just happen to love MGMT and so, Andrew VanWyngarden’s hands have caught my attention, obviously. They are not just my number 2 favorite hands of any guitarist, they are some of my favorite hands in the entire world. So, I had to post a lot of documentation of this, just to illustrate how sick and hand obsessed I am.

The entire video this clip is taken from can be seen here. It is very weird and enjoyable.

Most of my friends are probably sick of me mentioning MGMT all the time, but this is my blog, and I don’t really care. The fact that I haven’t even mentioned them here yet, is a bloody miracle.

Mr. Andrew VanWyngarden’s hands are my favorite of any living male in the world (why he is not no. 1 on this list, you will understand, when you see no. 1), and I have to admit I do not myself fully know why yet. Why I like them so much.

It mostly has to do with the way they move, the way he grabs things. Look at the way he adjusts his sunglasses in the picture above or the way he turns the thing between his hands in the gif. I would say he has “geeky” hands, not just because they are pale and skinny, but because they look like he has never done much hard physical work with them. He has stayed in his room with a book and his guitar. His pinkies are so beautiful. The way they fold in when he clenches his hands, they are just perfectly straight and they have the right proportions compared to the other fingers.

Also, I think he has quite artistic hands, they move with a lot of feeling. They fit for a person who creates music and art. Like every movement is an expression of his feelings, being it playing an instrument, drawing something or adjusting his sunglasses.

This is all that I am ready to say about his hands at this point.

A big thanks to my friend Lisa, who helped me find the best pictures of his hands. She runs the best MGMT blog in the universe, you can visit her



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