No. 5 – Jared Followill

No. 5 – Jared Followill, Kings of Leon

We enter top 5 on this list with Jared Followill. All three Followill brothers in Kings of Leon have amazing hands, but Jared takes the prize. So I have to sneak in a bassist on this list of guitarists, but I wouldn’t rob him a spot on the list, just because he plays on fours strings instead of six. To be honest, Jared is my least favorite member of Kings of Leon, I think the others have more interesting personalities and personal styles. But this is a hand blog and the honest thing to do is give Jared’s hands the credit they deserve.

They are very handsome and I love that he wears a lot of rings and bracelets. It fits him well. Hairy arms apparently run in the Followill family along with these veiny hands, but Jared is my favorite because his hands are skinnier than his brothers’. Also, his knuckles are big for his hands. I think he has very masculine hands, but not manly, more boyish.


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